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19 August 2013 @ 11:25 pm

marvel cinematic universe for 20inspirations

ri01 tv02 tv03

here we goCollapse )
20 July 2011 @ 02:37 pm

skins season two for 20inspirations
tv shows skins, burn notice, torchwood, doctor who, pushing daisies
anna friel for celebs20in20
misc. catherine deneuve, kaya scodelario, lady gaga, clemence poesy, models

ri01 tv02 tv03

skinsCollapse )
tv showsCollapse )
anna frielCollapse )
misc.Collapse )

nina dobrev for celebs20in20
doctor who | season 3 for 20inspirations
tv shows doctor who, torchwood, vampire diaries, himym

ri01 tv02 tv03

nina dobrevCollapse )
doctor who s3Collapse )
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14 June 2011 @ 11:51 pm

lucy saxon/master fanmix for dark
the doctor's daughter picspam for birth
midnight picspam for hurt/comfort
amy/rory picspam for love
two wallpapers for trust
My entries so far for docwholand. tbh, I think I won't finish it by tonight. Oh, well I tried! And it's "first times"-time with this post: I never made a picspam, or a fanmix and I haven't make wallpaper for ages. So comments would be nice and critics even more welcomed :D

lucy saxon/master fanmixCollapse )
other fillsCollapse )

leighton meester for celebs20in20
amy pond for year_of_chars
tv shows doctor who, torchwood, secret diary of a call girl, bones, pushing daisies
music lady gaga (music videos)

ri01 tv02 tv03

leighton meesterCollapse )
amy pondCollapse )
tv showsCollapse )
musicCollapse )